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Colonel's Leadership Initiative

Mission Statement:

We aim to give NH Civil Air Patrol cadets, who have already proven dedication and leadership to their community, state, and nation, the means to achieve their life goals by closing the gap between traditional scholarships and the ever-expanding costs to achieving these goals.


In recognition of Colonel Moran’s leadership, inspiration, and dedication to his Cadets and their life goals, we have established this monetary scholarship that can be used for any purpose with the expressed desire that it be used in a fashion that assists with those goals. For example, the funds may be used to assist with uniform costs, National Cadet Special Activities, and Encampments. Or monetary assistance with acquiring a computer for school, help to pay for tuition, or even living expenses while the recipient attends college. The amount awarded to a deserving candidate is based on need, merit, and available funds. The Wing Vice Commanders and the Chief of Staff will select the cadets and the amount of the scholarship.


  • 2014
  • By Lt John H. Mensch Jr., USMC and Lt Eric M. Perron, USAF

Board of Directors:

  • John H Mensch Jr., Lt USMC
  • Eric M Perron, Lt USAF
  • Dana Moss, Former USMC Capt

Application Form for Cadets

To apply for this program, please use this form. (fillable pdf file)


– This is a fillable form. Open the file and fill in all the fields.
– Print the form and sign where applicable. This form is invalid without a signature.
– Once all fields have been filled, you may scan the document and upload it (see upload option below).
– Alternatively, you can email the application to : TheColonelsInitiative@Gmail.com

To upload your form, please enter your information:



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